Technical Data

Unwinder Motorised Bidirectional Shafted
Core Diameter 76/ 152 Airshaft System
Mother Roll Diameter 800
Tension Control Loadcell Roller With Full Automatic Control
Width 500/600/800/1000
Speed 600 m/dk
Tension Renge 4-40 kg
Web Aligment Ultrasonic / Contrast Color
Optional System Circular Knives / Razor Knives
Rewinder Motorised Bidrrectional Hafted Unit
Core Diameter 76/ Optional 152
Rewond Reel Diameter 800
Pressure Control Automatic Control Via Plcs With Digital Input
Rewinding Tension Fully Automatic Control With Diameter Measurement
Analysis System Recipe And Diagnostic Diagram
Core Alignment With Laser Pointer
Antistatic System Antistatic Dar System